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POPCASH is an online funding platform that helps small business owners get fast access to capital. We simply purchase a portion of your company’s future receivables.
Qualified businesses can receive up to $1,500. Businesses that have a good remittance history with us can receive additional funds in the future.
Funds will typically hit your account in less than 3 business days.
POPCASH requires an active business bank account with active business transactions.
Yes, we’re here to help all business owners get the funds that they need.
You can apply directly from this site by clicking the “Apply Now” button. The application can be completed in a few minutes and is a simple process:  
  • Enter your business information.
  • Login to Plaid and verify your business bank account.
  • Review and accept your offer.
  • Electronically sign your contract.
  • Get Funded !!!
Plaid is our bank account verification service. Simply select your bank and log in with your bank account credentials. Our system will analyze your information and provide you with a decision in seconds.
Sometimes banks and bank accounts have security settings that block Plaid access. Try any of the following:
  • Log into your bank account online or on your phone. Make sure you have third-party access enabled and 2-step verification disabled.
  • Reset your bank account password.
  • Call your bank and ask them for assistance.
  • Contact PopCash support using our chat service.
DocuSign is our electronic signature service. Simply review the contract and sign online.
Remittance is withdrawn automatically from your business bank account once per week. Your first remittance will be 7 days after your funding date.
POPCASH uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your information is fully secure.
We recommend you use the Google Chrome browser to access our website. If you are having problems viewing the site on your mobile device, please go to your browser menu and select the option to view the “Desktop Version” of the website.
POPCASH provides you with easy access to working capital that you can put towards improving and expanding your business.